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Memorial to Pumpkin

My dog Pumpkin

Pumpkin was an Australian Cattle Dog or Blue Heeler (she was the RED Heeler type) as they are known here in America. They were originally called Hall's Heelers after the name of the individual who originally bred them. They are still known by this name by many people in Australia. I prefer the name Hall's Heelers for obvious reasons.

Pumpkin died on December 17th 1996. I have never been as close to another of God's creations as I was to her (except for my children).

I miss you Pumpkin
You're the best
Curtis and Pumpkin
Pumpkin, you're still my Hero

Arielle and Jonathan
Arielle and Jonathan in 95 or early 96

More pictures of Pumpkin

On December 17th 2013, exactly 17 years to the day after I lost Pumpkin, my Blue Heeler Sheba passed away early in the morning. She was the sweetest dog I've ever known. A lot of people remarked how incredibly sweet she was. Another dog we will sorely miss.

Noah petting Sheba
Noah petting Sheba

Ruthy and Sheba
Ruthy and Sheba

Sheba, Ruthy, Noah, and Arielle
Sheba, Ruthy, Noah, and Arielle

Our pug Ruthy...
November 6th 2001 - May 10th 2017
Ruthy February 2014