A Child's Voice

written by Ann Josten


I hear Him whispering to me
in the quiet stillness,
here in the silent darkness.
He is creating me. I know it!
Creating me in His image,
moment by delicate moment,
intricately and marvelously made am I.
I am precious in His sight,
and only He sees me now.
He sees all of me complete.

"I call you by name," He said to me.
He knows my name!
"I have chosen you and set you apart for my glory.
All your days were written in my book before one of them began."

After I'm born, will they recognize the masterpiece He fashioned me to be?
Will they notice His fingerprint on me and cherish me the way He cherishes me?
Will they delight in me the way He delights in me, because I'm His?
I'm alive. He's breathing His life into me and holding out to me the promise of life everlasting.

I'm excited about living. Excited to smile my toothless smile,
to feel their arms around me, to squeal with the pure joy of being.
He knows the number of hairs on my head, even though they're not all grown in yet.

I know He loves me. Will they love me too?
I know He wants me. Will they want me too?
I know He keeps me. Will they keep me too?

Wait. What's that? No. Stop.
They're destroying me. Don't they see his beauty in me?
They're stealing my life.
They say I'm not really real.
I am real.
Really real.
Really alive.
Don't they know?
Look at my hands and my feet.
Listen to the beat of my heart.
I am made for life......

- written by Ann Josten